Presenting the facts in products liability matters is a difficult yet essential process.

Juries must come to understand the science of the matter before them. Explaining the technical aspects of the product involved in the case is the pivotal step that must be handled properly in successfully defending any products liability claim.

Our attorneys have substantial experience in “teaching” the science to the courtroom – judges, juries, opposing counsel, and witnesses. Over decades of defending products manufacturers, we have developed not only the expertise to take a case from start to finish but also an immense network of experts – professionals who are not just experienced witnesses and consultants but practiced leaders in their fields.
Our Products Liability practice runs the gamut and includes the defense of products manufacturers in an array of areas:
  • Toxic exposure
  • Medical devices
  • Automotive
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • All-terrain vehicles
  • Water heaters
  • Alarm devices and other electronic components
  • Petrochemical
The attorneys in our Products Liability practice group are well-equipped for the task of educating the Court and the jury on the science of how and why things work. Many have degrees in scientific or related fields that make the teaching – and the learning – process even easier. Only after the facts are mastered can we discern between a confusing jumble of information to a cohesive collection of facts. Our experience has shown that presenting the simplest case possible to a jury is the foundation for a good result.

Although adept at handling all types of claims, our attorneys excel at dealing with large and complex matters. Our technical experience and ability to master the facts and the science has allowed us to successfully defend a number of large catastrophic cases. This experience has proven invaluable to our clients in the Gulf Coast area, where the oil and gas and petrochemical industries are a part of our everyday lives.
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