Since its inception, litigation has been the primary practice of the attorneys at Gieger, Laborde & Laperouse L.L.C.

Clients have sought the advice and talents of these gifted attorneys as a result of their reputation for aggressive motion practice, intelligent and discerning command of the tenets of civil procedure, and the superior acts of persuasion and consensus building.

Litigation is mastered in five stages: preliminary motion practice, discovery and investigation, trial, post-trial, and settlement. Our attorneys have a lengthy history and reputation for commanding the actions in all five of these phases.
Our greatest litigation experience is in:
  • Oil and gas disputes
  • Admiralty and maritime personal and property damages in brown and blue water
  • Aviation personal and property damages
  • Business disputes, including bankruptcy, loss of profits, interruption of business
  • Construction disputes
  • Products liability matters of all kinds
  • Complex mass torts and class actions, including multi-district, multi-issue matters
  • Insurance coverage and defense
Our first tactic is to establish the vulnerability of a matter based on causes of action, parties, venues, timing of the litigation, etc. An energetic, enterprising approach in this manner can and will dispose of a lawsuit in short order. Our first commitment is to reduce our client’s exposure and dispose of the matter before significant costs are incurred – either in dollars or in reputation.

Second, our attorneys have meaningful experience with all types of discovery – written, oral and digital. We have a library of experts with diverse expertise who can assimilate the facts and apply accepted scientific evidence to prove our client’s case. Further, our attorneys have significant experience in extracting testimony from witnesses and using that testimony to our client’s advantage. All of these things build towards a better trial outcome, elimination of the matter in motions, or reduced exposure in settlement or mediation. In any case, mastering these functions in discovery make a world of difference in the outcome and we know it.

Third, when the first two phases do not result in the elimination of a matter, our attorneys are prepared to present our client’s case for trial, either before a judge or a jury. They have established a reputation for trying lawsuits in all kinds of courts - locally, regionally and around the nation – state or federal. The art of persuasion is an important skill and one which our attorneys have sharpened, and even in today’s settlement-driven environment, our attorneys have a lengthy record of trying cases.

Fourth, our post-trial practice has involved matters from two aspects: those which we have tried ourselves, or those which have been turned over to us after trial. Our attorneys are asked regularly to review and pursue alternative and/or superior argument in matters which we were not involved at trial. On some occasions, we have been asked to attend trial in order to ensure the preservation of the record for appellate purposes. Whatever the situation, our attorneys have a notable reputation for excellent appellate work.

Finally, our attorneys have significant experience in mediation and settlement. The previous four phases, if handled with skill and talent, can and have led to extraordinary settlements in our client’s favor. Any truly litigation-based law firm must have the ability to present their client’s best interests in these critical negotiations.

The bulk of the lawyers at Gieger, Laborde & Laperouse have devoted their careers to courtroom action and all the work which precedes it and it is their passion.
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